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All tracks recorded quite quietly in your bedroom by myself - Darell

Album photo by adam


released September 1, 2016



all rights reserved


Quite Quiet Singapore

I'm indecisive, am i?


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Track Name: Girl In Sunny Island
i can't wait to see you again
you've been hogging my mind like crazy
want to sing you a song you hate
want to tell you that i don't care
don't know what i do but i prefer days when you're around
it's been a while since i felt like this
these butterflies gotta gotta go
want to be your favorite raincoat
for those gloomy and rainy days
Track Name: 90s Polo Caps
dancing in my bedroom
telling you that we were born in the wrong decade
is this how it feels like?
is this how it feels to be able to watch dreams
you made me feel so much
you made me hate feeling so much
i like songs that make me feel like i want to die
you always like the idea of falling through clouds
your eyes are like the laser beams
and that's my kind of thing
so baby blue don't you cry
you're the humming of a song stuck in my head
i feel like this is a dream world we're in
floating in the dark of space
reminds me of small we are
i was gazing at your face
i knew those were special moment
Track Name: Full Of Rabbits
everytime you come around
i just want to mess around
and i never said
that i'm not addicted to your awkwardly shy and soft laughter
and i never said
that you look prettier on your display picture
pretending to be spies in a museum
pretending to be not in love with you
you you told me to just shut my mouth
and kiss me and just kiss me
Track Name: What Do You Think About Harakiri?
lately i've been thinking of you
it's not that something i should fall into
you're just there and i know
love is a stranger knocking on your door
sounds cliche but i feel
i'm such a true blue fool for you
you don't know it don't you girl
you occupy my mind
as if i don't have anything to think about
you don't know it don't you girl
you're like a glimpse of summer
everyday's a saturday with you

i'm a true blue fool for you
Track Name: My Depression Nap
what's the point of glasses?
if you can't see with them
maybe baby
i calculate the risk
but i suck at numbers
you're a place so familiar
i've seen that look before
throw you a party but you never came