everyone's sorry when it's 2 L8 EP

by Quite Quiet

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recorded everything in your bedroom


released January 18, 2016

darell laser - everything yo~



all rights reserved


Quite Quiet Singapore

I'm indecisive, am i?


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Track Name: i'm not upset by this
i can't think straight with you on my mind
i hope i find the happiness i've been pretending to have
Track Name: blunt scissors
i'm irresponsible
and you're just a blunt scissors
don't let these little things get to you
throwing punches as hard as you can
i'm sorry to say that it's just getting worst
i wanna hang these
photographic memories of us
on the wall above my bed
there's a picture of you
eating popcorn from the bag
in the playground
Track Name: oinky
you know you're so grumpy
but i like your face
i wanna eat your cheeks
you have such chubby cheeks
i want to punch them
you're such a piggy
you came into my life
for me to bully you
fuck these cheesy love songs
you hate your horror show
but you mean so much to me
Track Name: your bones aren't made of glass
when you do return
i'll be at the festival of the dead
i'm neither here nor there
so don't bother
don't bother
my logic was shallow
and who might you be
everything is a cycle
we'll keep running in circles
i tried to follow
and never knowing tomorrow
cos nothing makes me happier
nothing makes me sadder
other than you
constantly destroying everything
your bones aren't made of glass and so are mine
Track Name: hotline bling shitty cover i guess
ever since i left the city YOUUUU SOULJA BOY